Tax time for caregivers

April 7, 2008 by  
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I was working on my taxes last week. As I was going over all of my expenses, I realized I spent thousands of dollars on gas, food, and necessities while caring for my aunt. It made me think about family members who care for someone for longer than 8 months. I asked my tax person if people can deduct those costs. I know my cousin also spent a good deal of her own money. I mean really what do you say to the person you are caring for, “could you give me $50 for groceries?” Did I expect to be reimbursed, No!! But it seems to me that the statistics show that family caregivers provide an economic service to society that can and usually does lead to more medical costs for the caregiver and a loss of wages or retirement because of work time missed or leaving a position. As this USA Today article demonstrates Congress and Bush are not very interested in helping the caregiver maintain their health and financial status unless you provide in-home care. It is about time that our representatives acknowledged that without the help of family caregivers, many of those being cared for would be under the care of the taxpayer.

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