Silent majority must stand up for health care reform

August 30, 2009 by  
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We have seen on the news some clearly misinformed people yelling and disrupting the town hall meetings on health care reform. We have seen many older people worried about whether they will be getting less care to fund care for others. Many of these people have relevant concerns about the lack of clear, concise information about what might REALLY be in a health care reform bill. Others are basing their dissent on fear based on the misinformation put out by opponents of the health care reform. What we need is for President Obama to step up and put down on paper what he will not negotiate on and what he will compromise on based on his original promises to people as he campaigned. The other thing that must happen is those people, like me, who have experienced losing a job and have had to scrounge around for health care must start speaking up. I am always amazed at the people arguing against the public option who know someone who collects disability, gets medicare, medicaid, social security, etc. These programs are supported by public funds. Without these programs, the grandparents, parents, disabled friend or child of those someone voicing their argumentative dissent about a pubic option in health care reform would not get the care and help they need. Part of the problem is that there is NO health care bill…just volumes of ideas being thrown around. Those Republican Congresspeople who are arguing against public options are more than happy to be buried in Arlington Cemetery and collect a large pension. This is not a political issue. It is a human issue.

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