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My neighbor’s father died last week. He never came home from his last trip to the hopital. He went to a home and then was taken back to the hospital to be put on morphine for his last few days. Mike had kept him at home for as long as he could. His father told him to keep him at home until his death. But it was too hard not to call the ambulance one last time. He told me that 5 years before they called and it saved his life for 5 more years, so I am guessing that he was “hoping” He was in his mid-eighties. As he spoke to me teary eyed II wondered, but did not ask, because his father had just died that day, “why didn’t they use hospice?” They could have provided that last week of care and his father and Mike would have had their wish come true. He regretted that his father, like his mother, years ago had to be in the hospital and not at home. After seeing the wonderful people who came to enroll my aunt into hospice, I would have nothing different for myself or those I love if possible. Mike is a hard working, blue collar, lower middle class guy who may not have understood about hospice or never really got all the nformation about how to go about getting into hospice. Everyone should check into all of their options when approaching death. From all the services I learned about for my aunt and the kindness of the people I met, I would rather have then guiding my caregiver than makiing my family endure the trip to the hospital if at all possible.

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