Employee caregiving help benefits

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In April, there was an article in Inside Indiana Business that cited a 2006 Metlife Mature Market Institute study showing that US businesses lose between $17.1 to 33.6 billion dollars in productivity due to employees caregiving responsibilities. The purpose of the article was to highlight the proposal of an Indiana based company, My Health Care Manager LLC., that employees and employers become educated on the need for some form of a voluntary caregiving assistance benefit. This would help both the employees as well as employers. Obviously, the employee would pay for the majority but the companies would do the leg work to find and research reputable companies to assist employee caregivers in juggling their work and caregiving responsibilities. With all of the baby boomers turning 60, there is going to be a need for national attention on the services family caregivers provide for our society and to identify what support caregivers need so that taxpayers don’t pick up the tab. There has not been much attention paid to caregivers in this long primary season. For those of us that identify ourselves as “caregivers,” we must start interacting to get a sense of what types of support (government, insurance companies, etc) are needed so that when our caregiving duties are over, we don’t need a caregiver.

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