Dog Days

March 15, 2008 by  
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I had a good day yesterday. One of the best since my aunt died. I drove 4 hours to agility lessons for my 2 younger dogs. We trained for 2 hours. The dogs did great. That made my month. But with the 15 lbs. I gained in my stomach while caregiving, I barely made it. I was huffing and puffing the whole time. Most of the 15 lbs. is in my stomach. Unless I tuck my shirt in no one can tell I gained the weight. Everyone that becomes a caregiver needs to make sure that they find ways to minimize the stress and frustration that comes naturally with the duties associated with primary caregiving. My doctor has told me that because I was so healthy prior to gaining the weight from stress that I should exercise and eat what I normally do. If I can’t seem to get it off, then I must go back and see him. He and I both know that I still have a mild case of depression but if I can pick myself up I will be OK. It makes me so sad to know that around 48 million people, according to the AARP Magazine (Dec2007), could be a victim because they gave of themselves.

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