Caregiver again?

July 3, 2008 by  
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I was just recovering from the fatigue and depression that I felt after caring for my aunt as she lost her battle with breast cancer. And now, my cousin (my aunt’s daughter) was just diagnosed with breast cancer (one week after her mother in law was diagnosed with lung cancer and 6 weeks after her husband had major spinal chord surgery). She has 2 children, works, and has been taking care of her husband and his mother. From May 2007 to Dec 2007, she helped care for her mother. Now life has dealt her a big blow. I have volunteered to take her children for 2 weeks while she has more tests before a double mastectomy. This time I have to make sure I take care of myself because soon I will have to take care of my elderly parents. More importantly, I must be mentally and physically healthy enough to be there for my cousin and her family. Hence, I will drive the 14 hours to pick them up when I do not have to cancel any of my previously scheduled appointments. I learned from the first time that if you don’t take care of yourself while you are caregiving, you may end up needing care yourself.

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