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March 20, 2008 by  
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In the last week, I have been to the acupuncturist, the massage therapist, and the chiropractor. My body has been sore and stiff since I got back in late December after my aunt died. I drove back and forth between CA and Washington more times than I can count. I sat and sat so that I could be available whenever my aunt would need me. Prior to caring for her, I had been training for an attempt at climbing Mt. Rainier. I left her a few times and did the treadmill in Sept. In May and June, I spent hours trying to keep up with her yard work while she was able to be alone. I know from my research since I finished my stint as a primary caregiver that the sitting, lack of sleep, stress, and poor nutrition are responsible for my problems. So not only have I gained weight, been extremely fatigued, and probably a bit depressed, my body is unusually tight and sore. I have found a great tool for those of you engaged in caregiving at the present time. It is a Caregiver Self Assessment Tool put out by the AMA. I highly recommend that you download it and keep it with you. If you know that you are about to start duties as a caregiver, I recommend that you use it early and manage your health and well being much better that I did.

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