Silent majority must stand up for health care reform

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We have seen on the news some clearly misinformed people yelling and disrupting the town hall meetings on health care reform. We have seen many older people worried about whether they will be getting less care to fund care for others. Many of these people have relevant concerns about the lack of clear, concise information about what might REALLY be in a health care reform bill. Others are basing their dissent on fear based on the misinformation put out by opponents of the health care reform. What we need is for President Obama to step up and put down on paper what he will not negotiate on and what he will compromise on based on his original promises to people as he campaigned. The other thing that must happen is those people, like me, who have experienced losing a job and have had to scrounge around for health care must start speaking up. I am always amazed at the people arguing against the public option who know someone who collects disability, gets medicare, medicaid, social security, etc. These programs are supported by public funds. Without these programs, the grandparents, parents, disabled friend or child of those someone voicing their argumentative dissent about a pubic option in health care reform would not get the care and help they need. Part of the problem is that there is NO health care bill…just volumes of ideas being thrown around. Those Republican Congresspeople who are arguing against public options are more than happy to be buried in Arlington Cemetery and collect a large pension. This is not a political issue. It is a human issue.

Health Care Reform – Do your homework and don’t believe the rumors

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Yesterday, President Obama gave Senator Grassley credit for honestly trying to come up with a bipartisan bill and then today Grassley tells the elderly they need to be afraid of the supposed “end of life” provisions that may be in the bill. Why are we putting up with these politically motivated pieces of scare tactic misinformation? There are a number of websites that can provide people with fact checks on the possible proposals included in the health care bill. One such site has been put up by the White House. Another site that is examining claims made on both sides of the debate is Another site is MediaMatters which attempts to debunk the myths associated with the politically motivated distortions created to scare the general public. We must all think about the fact that many of us change jobs 5 to 7 times during our lifetime. That means that we must change insurance and take the chance that we would not get insurance due to pre-existing conditions that we might have gotten over the period that we were employed with our former company. Under health care reform, we could keep our insurance without penalty. We must take the initiative to inform ourselves and not believe everything that we hear or read without checking the validity of the information. More importantly, those of us that know that the there are those trying to scare the uninformed must start speaking up when those who are shouting to drown out the myths and politically motivated misinformation.

Great site for caregivers of the elderly-Ask Medicare

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As the person who has been checking on my mother since my father died in January, I have noticed that my mom’s memory is off and on. She is remembering the important stuff but I know it is just a matter of time. She uses a walker and is not very mobile. I am lucky that my father had one of the walk in bathtubs put in prior to his death. She has 2 walkers and about 5 years ago we bought her a electric scooter. But I know she will never leave her home and she will become less mobile and less mobile. She is extremely heavy for her size due to her eating habits and lymphedema. I had no idea that there was a resource called “Ask Medicare” to help me navigate the system and learn what is available to my mother until I read the CNN website article of August 3. As caregivers, we need to utilize all of the resources available to us for three primary reasons. First, it takes stress and pressure off of us so that we keep our sanity and do not run ourselves into the ground. Second, these resources can save us and those we care for money. Last, but not least, we can spend more time trying to maintain a “quality of life” that keeps them as independent as possible and keep their dignity.