For Baby Boomers caregiving can be a never ending joy or challenge

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If you are in your mid 50’s, if your parents are still living they might be anywhere from 70-80+. This means that your parents are coming upon the time when you either need to start preparing yourself and your parents for the time when they will need help and then eventually hard decisions are to be made or you are already in that position. Not only are all of your relatives getting older, but many are becoming ill or not as mobile and you are finding yourself helping out whenever you can. Then if you have children, they could be from their 20’s to their 40’s. They may have lost a job, they may become ill, or you may be helping with their children. As you look around, you wonder “why me?” of “I am so glad I am able to help” or “How can I keep this up mentally, financially?” or “Things happen for a reason.” You look down the road and you see more and more caregiving opportunities. It makes you feel good that you can help. But, you must always remember that you must stay healthy or those around you will have to begin the cycle. Take care of yourself and try and help those around you make good health choices so that the caregiving cycle starts later than sooner.

Lifespan Respite Program at risk

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The Caregiver Support Blog provides useful information about the pending legislation that may not pass the appropriations committee. If this bill does not pass, funding will be cut for services to the disabled, and to family caregivers under the Lifespan Respite Care Act. The American Psychological Society has a great fact sheet on the Lifespan Respite Care Act that everyone should read. Once you have read the act, please contact your Senator at and tell them to vote for the Fiscal 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Bill.

Tax credit for caregiving

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Make sure that you talk to the person who prepares your taxes about the possibility of a dependent credit for caring for a relative. According to an Associated Press release, there is a possibility of claiming caregiving expenses if the person or person’s like elderly parents cannot care for themselves. It is worth a try. All of us that provide caregiving services use our own funds due to the inability of our care receiver to pay or our inability to continually ask for payment for groceries, bills paid, etc. That is why there needs to be more legislation to help family caregivers who provide time, money, and care that would cost the state or federal government much more.

The SMART home for those with dementia

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A Brittish group, Bath Institute of Medical Engineering, is developing a smart home that provides technology to help those suffering with dementia have more control and safety in their own homes. What a wonderful idea. This will help caregivers feel more secure in allowing their loved ones to be a bit more independent with some dignity. As you can see from this link, this SMART house makes it so there is very little outside help for those dementia sufferers who are candidates for such a program. As a caregiver of a person who seems to be forgetting more and more frequently, I am hopeful about such projects. I hate making my mother feel as though I don’t think she knows what she is doing.

Caregiver postage stamp petition

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The Future of Aging Blog has done a great job of highlighting the push by the National Family Caregivers Association to get a caregiver stamp. I think this is a great idea. There needs to be more political discussion about the dilemmas and contributions to society by family caregivers. If you agree that this is a worthy cause, please click here to help push for a Caregiver Commemorative Stamp.